First-Time Home Buyer Mortgage

1st Time Buyers Mortgage

First time home buyer
First time home buyer mortgage

We help our Niagara Falls communities Along Each Step of the Way., Simpler, Smarter All Kinds of Residential and Commercial Mortgages. As Niagara Falls Neighborhood Mortgage, we Understand the Area Better Other.

Buying your first home can be easy when you find the right loan. We are here to help you do it quickly so you can get the keys to your new home.
There are a number of different types of mortgage products that are suitable when you are shopping for your first home. We can assist you in assessing which type of home loan will fit your requirements.
We Help First Home Buyer
Don’t Worry About
Appraisal And Down Payment

Property appraisals are only needed for Traditional Mortgages. This is where you as the buyer would put 20% or more down on your home’s purchase price.

What If I Don’t have a 20% down payment?

You will need to purchase mortgage insurance. This insurance is to protect the lender from higher risk mortgage loans. As a first-time home buyer, you have the ability to put as little as 5% down, provided you meet the necessary qualifications.


A Lawyer is required to represent you when you purchase a home.

  1. Your lawyer receives and pays out the money you borrow from the lenders
  2. Your lawyer Closes your mortgage on the assigned date.

Your lawyer informs you of your legal responsibilities in the mortgage process and manages your closing costs.

We’ll help you understand all your financing options and find a mortgage you can manage. We will guide you about the process and will take to easy quick and hassle free process.

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Our Our Clients Say....

“I have never worked with a mortgage broker before. I am glad I did for my refinance. I needed to consolidate debts. My bank told me I couldn’t get approved because of my credit score. The team did unbelievable job and I could never thank him enough. We went from paying about $1,400 a month towards our credit card debts and loans, to paying $550, and started to build a good savings. I will be sending all of my business and referrals to him!”

Claudia & Darren Newman
Toronto, Ontario

“Me and my wife are self-employed. We do not show much on our tax returns. We were tired of paying rent and didn’t know we could get qualified. I saw an add for Mortgage Associates and gave them a call. I have worked with Mortgage Brokers before but they always kept telling me I had to pay a fee. I am very thankful to have received the assistance of Bobby Kay, Mortgage Agent. We closed at the beginning of January and I have already recommended him to our good friends also purchasing their first home. Thank you so much Bobby Kay and have a great 2016, we will be in touch!”

Suzanne & Michael Wilson
Brampton, Ontario

“I must say I’ve worked with other mortgage agents in the past and my experience with Catia Goncalves was different. She took the time to listen and understand my situation and was able to shine light on the best mortgage solution to refinance my mortgage.

I highly recommend Catia & the team at Mortgage Associates Ontario for the fantastic job and thorough communication they had during my mortgage process. I never felt rushed, and she took the time to explain everything to make sure I understand my mortgage completely.”

Cindy Bradshaw
Hamilton, Ontario

“Working with the people in this office is what makes the experience stand out. Timely response, great results and super service. I recommend.”

P Golab

“My trust is there 110% to refer them to my family and closest friends.”

John Doe

We used MA for our mortgage. We dealt with Niagara Falls agent. He was professional, helpful, & easy to to talk to. He always checked in to see how things were progressing. We look forward to doing business in the future!

Phil Trudel

“My experience with Mortgage Associates Ontario is nothing short of excellent! My mortgage broker team were very thorough in explaining my options for a mortgage, with the pros and cons of choosing an appropriate mortgage program. I got a super low interest rate that even my bank couldn’t beat!
I highly recommend them for getting a mortgage as they take care of you and are very patient in dealing with you, from beginning to end! I couldn’t be happy and more pleased!”

Christina B
Niagara Falls

“It was such a pleasure speaking with Amir who listened and understood my circumstance, he promptly gave me solid information that led me to believe that there was a bright light awaiting, he was right. From setting up the home evacuation, to quickly securing a great lender, I couldn’t ask for more and placing me with Bryce who sealed the deal. Thanks to you both this was a A+ experience and I would highly recommend Mortgage Associates to anyone needing this service.”

Sophia Doucet
Niagara Falls

The agent of MAO I worked with  was very calm and always patient on explaining things that we don’t understand about mortgage. He always listen and takes actions even on a smallest issue we tell him. His office is a little far from our place but he made things smooth for all of us. He took advantage on our technology… we just sign everything online and he explain everything clearly on the phone…. how cool is that?!? We can still do our normal routine in the morning without rushing and we just talk to him at night after we finish our dinner….very good Amir… we really appreciate all your effort…. godbless😊😊😊

Christine Caberto
Niagara Falls

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